When I was a kid I was always told to stand up straight. Did I listen? Of course not! But now that I’m an adult I realize the importance of posture and learning to stand up correctly. Not only is it better for your spine to stand tall, but with my petite frame (I’m nicely calling myself vertically challenged) it helps me feel just a little bit more elevated. For you tall folks out there, consider yourself lucky and don’t sell yourself short (HA, see what I did there?) by hunching over!

Working on correct posture will help alleviate stress and strain on your spine. Take it from me, I have two herniated discs in my neck (C5-6 & C6-7 to be exact) and it’s CRUCIAL for me to be conscientious of the way I sit, stand, sleep and more importantly, how I work out. During your next sweat sesh, make it a point to be aware of your posture as you perform your exercises. This will not only help you attain an effective workout but will also keep you injury free. Sign me up!

So let’s try this together – take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and let any unwanted tension dissipate. Lengthen your neck, open your chest and pull your belly to the spine to complete the perfect posture package. You’ll feel better about yourself (BTW – good posture exudes confidence!) and you might notice that your body feels lighter and more rejuvenated throughout the day. Implementing these tiny tweaks go a long way.

Cheers to lengthening your spine and radiating a more confident YOU! xx

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